Camp Programs 

The staff at Camp Wolfeboro is proud of its location in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the shores of the Stanislaus River. This location allows each individual to fully experience the “Outing” in Scouting.  Along with its ideal setting, Camp Wolfeboro’s program offers a wide range of activities with a flexible schedule for all individuals. Advancement opportunities abound but be sure to join in other adventures that camp has to offer. The experiences at camp would not be complete without doing several of the special activities.

Your program should be based on the needs and desires of the individuals in your unit. To insure your unit’s needs are met, we suggest that your unit have each youth decide, in advance, all the merit badges and other advancement and activities they want to do. Merit badge sign-ups will be accessed through   

Also, it would be beneficial for your unit to plan ahead for the High Adventure and other unit activities that the Scouts want to do. These activities are filled on a first sign up basis due to limited space for several of them. The most valuable summer camp experience is a blend of activities for the individual Scout and the scout’s buddy, patrol and unit. The following pages contain a list of program features offered in the different areas of Camp Wolfeboro.



The Wolfeboro Waterfront is positioned along an improved section of the North Fork of the Stanislaus River.  Non-swimmers and beginning swimmers can take advantage of our wading areas and beginning swimming instruction. You must pass the basic BSA swim test at camp as a prerequisite for all aquatics activities—whether they are merit badges or recreational activities.

Bring long pants, belt, a long-sleeved button down shirt, and shoes that can get wet for all these Aquatics merit badges.


This merit badge can be used as an Eagle required merit badge and it is a prerequisite for the Lifesaving badge. 


Good physical strength and stamina are required for this merit badge.  Must be a swimmer to earn this badge.


It requires physical strength and stamina. Must be a swimmer to earn this badge.


This merit badge can be used as an Eagle required badge. It is a challenging merit badge that requires physical strength and stamina.  Must have Swimming merit badge and be able to swim 400 yards.

Mile Swim

Scouts with very strong swimming skills may wish to earn the Mile Swim BSA award. A daily one-hour swim conditioning program culminates with the 1-mile swim. Swim conditioning under the direction of the Aquatic Director is required. Participants should understand that extra time is required to complete this award. The mile swim will generally take place on Friday morning.  Please see the Aquatic Director to arrange for conditioning times.

Also Offered

Snorkeling, BSA

Polar Bear Swim

Instructional Swim

Safe Swim Defense

Safety Afloat

Swimming and Water Rescue (this course is an intermediate between Safe Swim Defense and BSA Lifeguard)


Eagle’s End 

The newest program area to be added to Camp Wolfeboro, Scouts can expect to be engaged in discussions on community functions, speech and debate topics, and government at the local, state, federal, and international level. Eagles End works to develop good citizenship in scouts while offering fun and engaging activities.

Citizenship in the Community, Nation, and World

Scouts can earn their Citizenship Badges at camp if they complete the prerequisites. Citizenship in the World is completable at camp and covers international government and foreign relations. Citizenship in the Nation covers the Unites States and federal affairs. Citizenship in the Community covers local government and is geared to give scouts a head start on the badge.


This merit badge is a good place to start for scouts who want to earn their eagle required merit badges. Along with the daily sessions, scouts will be expected to participate in activities at their campsite in order to complete this merit badge.

Public Speaking

 Scouts will learn how to address groups and give speeches if they take this course. Those taking this session should expect a lot of speeches in order to complete this course.

American Heritage

For scouts who want to learn more about American History and Culture. Can be completed at camp, and friendly to scouts of all ages.

Crime Prevention

Covers our legal system and crime prevention methods. Scouts will be able to participate in a loss prevention program at the Trading Post. It is a fun and educational session for those who complete it at camp.


Ecology and Conservation (Eco – Con)

One of the most exciting areas in camp is the Ecology and conservation area because it is always changing, just like nature. The top-notch staff will help the youth complete their merit badges. We have a unique opportunity to learn about all that nature has to offer here on the beautiful shores of the Stanislaus River.

Drop by the nature lodge to view their displays or ask any questions you have about the natural world.  All youth are encouraged to work on or take part in camp conservation projects. There might even be some on-going projects that will be tackled by more than one unit throughout the summer.  Night hikes are a way to experience the outdoors—can you navigate by the stars, or stalk owls?


Learn about the ancient cultures that roamed the streams and mountains around Wolfeboro.  Written work is required.

Bird Study

Learn about the feathered wildlife of the High Sierras.  Scouts should be prepared to spend some time making observations of birds at camp.

Fish & Wildlife Management

There is some written material for this badge.  A conservation project is also required. Field trips are scheduled.

Mammal Study

This badge is good for younger Scouts.  Requires some written work, a small report, and a conservation project.


The wonders of the deep will come to light in this program.  Scouts are required to do some field studies to complete this badge (yes, at camp).

Soil & Water Conservation

This badge requires drawings and a conservation project.  It covers a lot of material and is recommended for mature Scouts.


This badge requires a personal rock collection.  Scouts will learn to identify rocks and minerals and how they are formed and used.


Scouts will observe the beautiful night sky over Wolfeboro.  Career opportunities in astronomy will be discussed. Track star movement—remember to bring an alarm clock to make that middle of the night drawing!

Environmental Science

This badge is required for Eagle.  It requires day hikes, field notes, and experiments.  There is a great deal of written material and a great setting to earn this badge.  This program is recommended for mature Scouts.


Wolfeboro has excellent opportunities to learn about this topic.  Scouts will learn about current issues in forestry, do a conservation project, and learn tree identification.

Reptile & Amphibian Study

This badge requires drawings and night observations.  Scouts will be able to handle live animals in this session.


Scouts will build a weather instrument and use it to track weather during the week.  This badge covers a lot of material and requires observations.

Insect Study

Scouts will explore the miniature life of insects at Wolfeboro.  Scouts will gather specimens for an insect collection and take hikes to discover unusual creepy-crawlers all over the camp (especially June bugs).

Also Offered


Nuclear Science

Plant Science


The Handicraft area is an excellent place for your first year campers! In this area they can earn the more artistic merit badges while having fun at the same time. The Handicraft area also hosts a themed party, the Indian Lore Campfire, as well as many other activities.

The handicraft lodge will also help you build camp projects. You will find paint for signs, woodcarving tools for your neckerchief slide, and leatherworking tools for a new ax sheath.


Learn techniques for making leather goods from scratch.  This is a good badge for young Scouts.

Wood Carving

Scouts in this session will create wooden sculptures with just a knife.  Knives are available for Scouts to use or Scouts can bring their personal knives.  Personal knives should be sharp. Knives are also available for sale at the Trading Post.  Remember to bring your Totin’ Chip card or earn it at the Scoutcraft area!


This is another good badge for young Scouts. They will learn to weave a basket that he can take home.

Indian Lore

This is good for Scouts of all ages. Learn about the fascinating history and culture of various Native American nations.


Scouts in this session should have some drawing or artistic experience.  There is a lot of freedom in choosing medium and subjects for artwork.


Scouts will have the opportunity to sing, develop skits, and teach skits to others.  Prerequisites should be completed prior to coming to camp.

Also Offered





Scouts will learn to find their way using map and compass, learn to tie knots and lashings, and perfect their camping and survival skills. 


This badge is required for Eagle.  It requires an overnight camping trip.  Scouts should bring appropriate camping equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, etc.)

Wilderness Survival

This badge requires an overnight camping trip where Scouts must build a shelter and sleep in it. 


Scouts will put their knots and lashings skills to the test by building gadgets, towers, and structures with rope and poles.  Lots of practice will be needed to complete this badge.


Map and compass is the name of the game.  Scouts will complete four orienteering courses across camp.  This badge is recommended for older Scouts.


This badge is the newest required one for the Eagle rank. Meal preparation may be done at the unit’s campsite.  All other requirements will be done in the Dining Hall. Some cooking experience is highly recommended.

Emergency Preparedness

This badge can be used as an Eagle required MB.  It covers a great deal of written material, and there are skills to master.  Familiarity with knots is extremely important. Older Scouts are recommended for this badge.  First Aid merit badge and pre-requisites should be done before camp.


This is an excellent merit badge for younger Scouts.  It requires some written work and fishing trips. Scouts need to bring their own gear or purchase in the Trading Post for $25. A fishing license is not required as long as you stay on camp property.

First Aid

Scouts will learn safety and how to provide aid for all types of injuries and situations. 

Shooting Sports 

Every Scout wants the chance to do some shooting and show off his skill with a .22 rifle, shotgun, or the bow and arrow. Shooting sports will discipline the mind and the body, so just relax and have a great time. Tickets for shotgun and .22 rifle ammunition may be purchased at the trading post.

Camp Wolfeboro has excellent instructors who are more than willing to go the extra mile to help campers be successful. As with all program areas, the main aspect of the shooting ranges is safety. The rules may seem strict at times, but they ensure a fun, safe area that everyone can enjoy.

All youth who wish to shoot at the firearm’s range must have a signed “Firearm Use Permission Slip.”


Shooting experience is highly recommended and time is needed to qualify.

Shotgun Shooting

This program teaches Scouts the basics of handling and shooting a shotgun and safety precautions for firearms.  Scouts may need time outside of the merit badge sessions to qualify.

Rifle Shooting

Shooting experience is highly recommended.  Scouts should have the strength to handle a rifle. Scouts will need time to qualify.

Troop Shoot

Troop shoots are an hour long, during the lunch or dinner hour that your troop is not eating.  Sign-ups are on a first come, first serve basis.

Also, visit the Archery range and try tomahawk and knife throwing!

Trailhead  – Scout to First Class Rank 

Camp Wolfeboro has knowledgeable staff at the Trailhead Center who will augment your troop leadership in addressing the advancement needs of younger Scouts. 

Your Scouts should plan to spend a minimum of two hours per day at Trailhead depending upon the advancement needs. Those Scouts who need just a few requirements to First Class should make arrangements with Trailhead Staff.

When each Scout enters Trailhead the staff will guide them through requirements for rank advancement. The Scout will be taught the skill, and then tested. If the scout is successful, he or she will be signed off on a requirement card that he or she submits to the troop leadership. We highly recommend that troop leadership then test him before officially signing off on a requirement in his handbook.

Trailhead can verify that a Scout has learned a skill, but the troop will have the ultimate authority to determine if the Scout has “passed the test”.  Similarly, our staff cannot sign off requirements that only can be completed in a troop setting (attending troop or patrol activities, etc.) all while utilizing the EDGE method.



One of the highlights of Camp Wolfeboro is our expansive rock climbing program.  Our location in a granite valley allows us to have three separate natural outdoor rock walls that we are able to safely use. The climbing program can handle scouts from beginner to more advanced climber. There are several climbing areas that the staff will take the scouts to, according to the group’s skill level.

We may be able to accommodate two separate groups of scouts to go climbing, so that more scouts, of varying skill levels may complete the merit badge in the idyllic setting of camp.

A parent’s signature on the standard release section of the Health form gives permission for rock climbing.


3 Day Wilderness Trek

This exciting program is geared for older Scouts.  They will leave Tuesday morning and return to camp on Thursday morning.  All troops wanting to participate in this program must bring at least one adult leader from their unit.  Units will determine their itinerary and our staff will provide your guide and food for the trip.

We recommend you bring items for the type of Trek you desire.  Troops wanting to participate must complete the WILDERNESS TREK REGISTRATION form two (2) weeks prior to attending camp and turn it in to the Service Center.  (See page 44) Since participants are on the trail, they won’t be able to participate in some in-camp activities.


Sourdough Hike

The 49ers called prospectors who traveled from camp to camp “Sourdoughs”. At least twice a week, the staff leads Scouts on this 2-1/2 mile hike, designed to teach basic backpacking and camping skills to your first year campers.

The Scouts will hike out of camp up the Highland Creek trail to Greenwater. Here they will prepare a meal on backpack stoves, try out some Scoutcraft skills, take a swim, and have a rousing campfire topped off by a Dutch oven dessert prepared by the staff guides.  Any unit that sends Scouts must also send at least one adult. We recommend you bring the following items:

  • Backpack   
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground cloth           
  • The Ten Essentials
  • Water (2 liter min)      
  • Mess Kit
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing

Merit Badge Info

The requirements that must be completed before camp are shown on this list along with any special needs for completion. Each badge has been rated by the camp staff on its difficulty.

A limited supply of merit badge pamphlets will be available at the TRADING POST.  Merit badge pamphlets can be found at each program area for reference and temporary use ONLY.

Blue Cards

The Camp staff will utilize Blackpug for all merit badge tracking and your online access will allow you to print or re-print your own blue cards when you get home.  We recommend you bring blue cards with you to camp and we will fill them out at the end of the week. Signed blue cards will be submitted to the merit badge counselor by the Scout. The unit leader can pick up signed cards on Friday evening for review, and corrections will be made Saturday morning during checkout.


“Partials”, merit badges that were not completed at camp, will have completed requirements detailed on the back of the merit badge application.  These badges can be finished with Merit Badge Counselors at home or be brought back to summer camp the following year.

 Individuals planning to complete a badge that they have already started must present a properly completed merit badge application showing the requirements that have been completed. Camp counselors cannot sign-off certain requirements that are not completed at camp (like attending a certain number of patrol or troop outings)

Any Scout who does not complete a merit badge at camp will be issued a “partial” for the work completed at camp.  Their blue card will reflect what they have completed.


A majority of Merit Badges that are offered at Camp require prerequisites in order to be completed while at Camp. Prior to arrival as a unit your scouts and leaders should review the desired merit badges requirements and figure out what can and cannot be accomplished at camp. If prerequisites are not completed prior to camp Scouts will be given partials and will need to find a counselor in their area in order to finish the requirements that were not completed at camp.  A list of prerequisites is available below and on Blackpug.